Trudata 2

Landmark positive advancements in technology have inevitably brought with it an almost commensurate advancement in nefarious activities which encompass all spheres of the economy. Document and other instruments of value now require specialized security features that protect them from the technologically sophisticated global market of forgery, counterfeiting and identity theft that is prevalent in 21st century Nigeria. Our solution is aimed at eradicating unauthorized transactions and blocking loopholes in the system; this in turn will exponentially help increase revenue for its users and assure the integrity of their processes.

tru-DATA is our proprietary solution that offers a powerful encryption technology for positive identification, verification and protection. It is a potent technology for the elimination of document forgery and counterfeiting by up to 99.9%. tru-DATA simplifies the process of vetting, verification and authentication within an all-inclusive secured application environment.

The encrypted code is created by a High Definition Barcoding System and is embedded and stored on the printed document itself, creating a unique barcode on the document. This makes fake certificates and documents absolutely impossible to replicate or hack because the data (to be hacked) is on the printed document. Unlike the QR Coding technology, that is an Open Source technology (available for everyone to use), the encrypted code is stored on a physical server that cannot guarantee the information on the document in years to come, because it is prone to hacking.

Trudata is ideal for:

  • Certificates
  • Promo Cards
  • Identity / Access Cards
  • Secure Documents